“Dear Doctor, it is a blessing when someone truly cares about helping others. You have shown compassion in many ways and my husband and I are truly grateful. You and your staff are more than just a “doctor’s office.” You are very special to us!” A.R. age 64.

“I have always been very active enjoying sports, golf, and just being outdoors. I began to experience back pain and was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. The pain grew worse with time and it affected all of the activities I love. I was referred to Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention for an evaluation. I was immediately impressed with the professional approach to diagnose my condition and the willingness to work with me to find the best treatment for me. Most of all I appreciated their optimistic approach and understanding of what was important to me. They took time to get to know me. I felt that they truly cared…I was not just a number. Although I am not completely pain free, my doctor has me to a point where my quality of life is good again!” S.W. age 59.

“I have suffered with back pain nearly all my life. I have spent many dollars and seen multiple providers before being referred to the pain clinic. Nothing has ever given me any relief and I was very skeptical starting the evaluation with Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention. We entered into a treatment contract that I initially thought was tough. They wanted me to quit smoking, lose weight, and have injections in my spine. I reluctantly gave it a chance. I couldn’t believe how my pain was instantly gone after the injection. This inspired me to start a walking program and a healthy diet. I lost weight and then actually stopped smoking. I am very thankful for my whole new life that is more pain free than I’ve been in years!” R.S. age 43.

“The treatments offered by pain management doctors are truly miracles. My 84 year old mother fell fracturing a vertebrae in her spine. She saw her medical doctor who prescribed pain pills and bed-rest. She couldn’t tolerate the pain medications, and she was so miserable she couldn’t get out of bed. She was then referred to Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention and offered a procedure where a bone cement was injected into the broken bone in her spine to fix the fracture. The results have been remarkable. Mom rolled over immediately after the procedure and could tell her back was better. The day after the procedure she was getting up and down just like before her back was ever broken. I am ever thankful for her being referred to the doctors at Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention.” H. J. age 84